A Homemaker

She works 24 hours a day with no leaves, no perks, no salary. She is known by various names – mom, wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law. Her identity lies in those names. She is the person most taken for granted. All her efforts are just unnoticed.

But, can you imagine one day without her in the house? When she is not there with a smiling face when you return tired from work, will the home not become a house? When she falls sick for one day, don’t you feel at your wits’ end not knowing how to handle the house and the responsibilities, tasks that she handles so effortlessly? Do you think about how she feels when you go and spend money on something that’s your fetish recklessly and question her on every penny that she spends? When you make fun of her in front of your kids, you think it’s ok and it’s just fun. When she does the same, she is insulting you and you abuse her in front of the same kids. Why do you have these double standards? She has more right to be respected than you. You work hard and bring money home, but she is the one who is the soul of your home. She spends hours cooking, maintaining the house and making your life as comfortable as possible. All she wants in return is respect and love, a little bit of attention and care showered on her.

    Surprise her by tea in bed sometimes, a breakfast served in bed with the newspaper folded for her to read first, cook her a surprise dinner and watch the delight on her face. Treat her with respect in front of your kids, she gave them the life they live, nurtured them for nine months and is still nurturing them. Belittling her in their eyes is the worst thing you can to do a woman and a mother. Children follow by example. Like she adopts your family as her own, adopt her family as her own. Understand that she will always have love and loyalty for her family like you have for yours.

      She is the queen of your house, treat her like one.  A house where a woman is loved, respected and cherished is the house where perfect happiness resides.


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