5 Places I Would Love to Visit in this Lifetime

My Dream Holiday Destinations

I am a huge travel freak and need to travel somewhere atleast once in six months. If I can travel more frequently, nothing like it. There are some places which we dream of going to everyday, here are my dream destinations:



I have dreamt of travelling to Switzerland from the time I saw Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. It is way up there in my dream destinations. I have always associated it with romance, beauty, adventure and happiness and of course chiffon sarees. Who can forget a gorgeous Sridevi in chiffon sarees in the Switzerland snow. I fell in love with Chiffon sarees too after that.



Tyrol, Austria


This was the first picture I saw of Tyrol, Austria and it was love at first sight. The beautiful lights and the town built in a snowy valley has had me enraptured since many years and I dream of visiting it one day for sure.


Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu

I went on a tour of South India in December 2012 which included Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi. Dhanushkodi is the tip of India after which there is the sea, across the sea is Sri Lanka. Dhanushkodi is about 18 miles (29 km) West of Talaimannar in Sri Lanka..On a clear day, you can see Sri Lanka from there. Dhanushkodi was a beautiful and scenic village on the seashore that was destroyed in the 1964 in Tsunami. It was very well connected with a railway line from Pamban to Dhanushkodi. When you reach there, you can imagine the beautiful village that must have been by the ruins there. The government has decided not to reestablish that area as the sea there is very treacherous. Still, my dream is to see the village as it was before the Tsunami. There was a beautiful church, school and a fully established village there. This is how it looks today.



Rama Bridge, Sri Lanka

Dhanushkodi is at the tip of South India after which there Is the sea and Sri Lanka on the other side. Dhanushkodi is situated to the South-East of Pamban. All of us know the story of Rama building the bridge from India to Lanka to rescue Sita. Well, that bridge was built from Pamban to Lanka. The bridge still exists and is now submerged in water. You can see the starting point of the bridge in Pamban from Dhanushkodi.  The far point that you see in the image(circled) below is the place from where the bridge started.



I had gone with a lot of excitement as I wanted to see the bridge under the sea as it is still visible under the sea. When we reached there, I came to know it can only be seen from Sri Lanka side and a visa is required for that and it is not safe either. But I still hope to go and see it.

Pattaya – Coral Island

I want to go deep sea diving to see the corals in Pattaya and also see the corals from the glass bottomed boat.



12 Replies to “5 Places I Would Love to Visit in this Lifetime”

  1. Cool list, Arti. Great info!
    Even i share your views about Switzerland. Yash Chopra movies have brought it to life for us 🙂
    I am yet to visit these 5 places…
    Best wishes for you 🙂

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