Kerala Backwaters




My trip to Kerala BackwatersImage

I went on a trip to South India in December 2012. Though the entire trip was enjoyable, the best part of the trip was the one day backwaters cruise in Kerala.

      We reached Kumarakom at 12 p.m. Our cruise was starting from there. The backwaters are so beautiful and peaceful and serene that we felt we are in another world altogether.

After our welcome drink, the cruise was on its way. The peace and beauty all around is so breathtaking, you forget all your tensions and are immersed only in that moment. It is like a spa treatment for the mind and body. The Kerala backwaters are something that must never be missed.

From your cruise boat, you can take this small boat to visit the bird sanctuary and a Krishna temple in this small boat. The bird sanctuary runs all along your cruise on the backwaters and you will see some beautiful birds anyway, so we didn’t take this small boat.

There are villas and cottages that are built on the banks of the backwaters where you can stay. But I feel nothing beats living on the boat in the middle of the waters.

For a city person, this experience can be slightly unnerving. It was my idea completely to take this cruise and my parents agreed to go along. When you are on the boat sleeping in the night, it will slightly unnerve you. But, the experience of only the sound of water lapping against your boat in the night is a feeling I can’t define. It felt wonderful.

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2 Replies to “Kerala Backwaters”

    1. We did go everywhere, along the coastal belt too. Yes, there are a lot of mosquitoes too, but only in the night and in the open area. We moved to our room early in the night.

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