General Elections 2014

With the General Elections 2014 about to start, I hear buzz all around me about who deserves to win and my friends’s circle talking about whom they will vote for. BJP, Congress and AAP are seriously contending each other to win people’s trust. I have always been strongly against BJP because of the anti-social activities of Shiv Sena. Congress did have leaders who could have made a difference to the country, but now we have Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi who is just a puppet. 

     The only problem with Aam Aadmi Party is that they lost their focus somehow. They did seem very promising and for some time, the people of India had a new ray of hope. But I feel we have already given BJP and Congress a chance and the condition of the country is in front of our eyes, 

     I think we should give Aam Aadmi Party a chance. The candidate from my area, Sanjeev Sane has been involved in the Indian freedom struggle. Sane has formed the Citizen Forum at Thane to fight against Property Tax based on Capital Value. Currently he has successfully held the implementation of the new Tax System. He has a good track record and a clean image. 

     Where we have given the other parties a chance for years, we lost hope in Aam Aadmi Party in a few months’ time. Maybe, our hopes were unreasonably high and that led to them not living up to our expectations. I think they should be given a chance. What’s your opinion?


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