10 Questions I Hate Being Asked

#10Questions I hate being asked

1. You are over 30. Why are you still not married?

2. You are single. Why? Do you hate men?

3. How can you call yourself a Maharashtrian when you don’t speak Marathi?(The question I hate the most)

4. Your father is an Ex-Army officer. He must have been a very strict and disciplined man, isn’t it?

5. Being an ex-Army man, did your father carry a rifle around all the time?

This question sadly inspired by the pathetic joke that is made in movies of the one of the most noble professions.

6. What are the qualities that you look for in the man you would marry?

Prompts me to reply must be a charge-sheeter with a nice criminal background, must be a womaniser, should take drugs, etc.

7. Since you live in a big city, you must be really bored when you visit a small town?

Not true at all, though I love my big city life, I believe that small towns have their own charm and love the experience of visiting them. Being an Army officer’s daughter, I have spent many years in many small towns and the rich experience that life is there can never be replicated in a big city.

8. Since you kept moving base every two years, you must really miss out on life-long friendships and must have lived a life with no roots?

People in the army become like your own small family and yes, we do form friendships which last lifelong. I still am in close contact with my childhood friends, we share happy moments together and I visit them as frequently as I can.

9. Your parents give you complete freedom. Is it because they are not concerned with doing the right things for you?

This is one question that completely sets me off. Yes, they give me complete freedom, that doesn’t mean I am irresponsible and reckless. It means that they wanted me to grow into a strong and capable who knows how to take the right decisions for herself and take care of herself.

10. Why are you still living with your parents? You should move out and live independently.

People’s way of saying that I am incapable of surviving on my own. Not true at all, we live together because I see no reason not too. It’s a relationship of mutual respect, love and giving space to each other. I want to be there for them whenever they need me and vice versa.


17 Replies to “10 Questions I Hate Being Asked”

  1. Yes, questions have this strange inclination to rub us the wrong way… like, when I told someone that I write, he asked: ‘You write all the time?’ and then followed it with: ‘So, what do you really do?’… and this woman is one of the known wedding photographers in the NCR.

    Nice post… and you didn’t tell us if your father really carries a rifle all the time? If he does, does he own a 7.62 mm SLR? Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Arvind Passey

    1. You are right, Arvind. Anything unconventional is never taken seriously. And till today, I have never seen my dad with a rifle though it would definitely have thrilled me to do so 😀

    1. Thank you, Rekha. Yes, these kind of questions are asked here only. People don’t know where to draw the lines at respecting someone’s privacy.

  2. Loved Que No. 6. And, your answer is awesome. People having those qualities are most successful today… By the way Arvind knows a lot about Rifle with its calibre. Now I can say, “Bloggers Know Everything!”
    Wonderful post. Keep writing.

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