What my name means to me!


I was given a short and sweet name by my parents. When I got into school, all my friends’ names were shortened to give them nicknames. I felt left out as my name was too small to be shortened into a nickname. I kept working on nicknames which I could shorten my name into.

My cousin sister was older than me and was named Pooja. So, when I was born, I was named Arti. I felt an unbreakable bond with her because of our names having the same meaning, a bond which still continues inspite of living in different countries, living different lives.

To me, my name is identity. It gives me great pride to be known by the name my parents gave me – Arti Deshpande. My biggest dream is to have my name known all over the world one day, a dream I will surely achieve one day.


6 Replies to “What my name means to me!”

  1. I completely understand that bond! My sis is Gulsha (a bunch of flowers) and I am Khushboo.(fragrance) Perfect combination right? 🙂


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