Ram Leela

Two warring clans of Gujarat – the Saneras and Rajadis who are thirsty for each other’s blood and ready to draw guns at the drop of a hat. Enter Ram of the Rajadi clan, peace-loving and against blood shed, completely different from the rest of them. A flamboyant casanova who has all the village girls drooling. Then you have Leela who has Ram drooling over her. You know he is hooked at the first glance forever by a woman like no other. A woman who is sexy, confident and bold and yet she knows how to love and stand by that love against the world and her family. A woman who doesn’t lose faith in the man she loves inspite of all odds.

Leela’s mother, Dhankori Baa(played beautifully by Supriya Pathak) wants her to marry a man who will join their family business of murder and smuggling. On the very day that Ram and Leela are going to elope, a twist of fate happens by which Ram ends up killing her brother after Leela’s brother kills his brother. Leela is infuriated and ready to kill Ram. Her sister in law and Ram convince Leela to elope with Ram. They elope and get married. Ram is betrayed by his friends and the two lovers are separated. The Rajadi clan thinks that Ram has taken his revenge on the Sanera clan and make him the head of the clan. He is setup in such a way by his friends that everyone thinks he called her brother and informed him of her whereabouts.

After losing the woman he loves, the heart-broken Ram takes on the mantle of his clan’s leader. Leela is unable to forget the man she loves and refuses to marry the man her mother has chosen.

When Leela’s sister in law is attacked by Ram’s men, Dhankori Baa retaliates by attacking Ram’s sister in law. Ram walks into her house defenceless and tells her to end this enmity and not target women. She invites him to celebrate an auspicious day with a plot to kill him. She ends up being the target of her own hired man’s bullet and Ram is blamed for it. While Dhankori Baa is in hospital, Leela takes her place as the leader and the confrontation scene in front of the Panchayat will leave you pained from inside for two lovers who are now truly on the opposite side. A love that is strong even at such a trying time. When someone from his side says she is scared, he retorts ‘Yeh darti naa toh chupke waar karti, Khullam khulla pyaar na karti’ And then the story continues. I won’t spoil the end for those who have not seen it.

What makes Ram-Leela worth watching? The beautiful chemistry between two beautiful people, the clandestine meetings in the balcony, their love that stands strong and unflinching even in the worst of times. A woman who has undying faith in the man she loves and yet is strong enough to stand against him for her people and family. A man who loves a woman so much that he begins to respect her even more when she stands up against him to support her clan. Two people who are standing against each other and yet so together and bonded by their love.

‘Bada badtameez, besharam, khudgarz hota hai par pyaar toh aisa hi hota hai’

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